There is a strict red diesel law, since red diesel is chemically similar to normal diesel used to power diesel engine vehicles and associated equipment. The law states that any diesel fuel that drives vehicles on public roads has a tax levied upon.

Red diesel is used in many sectors which includes agriculture such as farming equipment and tractors, red diesel fuel typically costs a lot less than normal diesel fuel. In the construction industry, red diesel fuel is used to power construction equipment.

Clarifications on red diesel law

HMRC has recently released a statement which permits the use of red diesel fuel for agricultural purposes. It also allows the owner of vehicles active in the agricultural activity to travel on public roads while utilising re diesel fuel. The reason is it allows farmers to use their agricultural vehicles to participate in agricultural events, educate and develop skills within their industry.

Regarding unauthorised use, the red diesel law is not so flexible. New regulations came into force to penalise those individuals who use red diesel and have not paid tad. The red diesel law clearly states that cars on the road for which the proper tax has not been paid will be viewed as a circumvention of tax laws.

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